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  • Genre: Children's
  • Length: 26x30

Bobo & Kipi is a TV show that takes place in a magical African village where the audience is invited to take part in every new amazing discovery. Our guides on these fun-filled, action-packed, music-laden adventures are Bobo, the little Bonobo, and Kipi, the Okapi. Every situation becomes an opportunity to discover new ways to approach challenges in daily life!


There are five segments in every Bobo & Kipi episode: The Adventure and the Challenge; The Song; Mama Zungu’s Magical Ride (a live-action segment); The Story Tree; and The Goodbye.


Bobo & Kipi contributes to young viewers’ character development by promoting essential qualities necessary for their relationship to family, friends and society. These qualities are presented in lively, funny and entertaining ways. Studies have shown that children learn best when they are having fun and Bobo & Kipi certainly makes learning fun. Bobo & Kipi includes elements that every child and parent will enjoy.


Bobo the Bonobo has a habit of getting into all sorts of sticky situations and dragging his friend Kipi into the mess.


His irrepressible curiosity and love of bananas is often what launches a journey towards the discovery of a special quality within him...even though you might not think it’s part of his character!


Bobo is a quick learner with a positive attitude and always happy to uncover things in himself that help him to become the best person he can be.



Always at Bobo’s side is his friend Kipi the Okapi. The loyal and levelheaded Kipi is certainly as fun loving as Bobo, but in a more under-stated way.


Kipi is often the voice of reason when Bobo has gone too far. She is always quick to accept the advice of the audience at home when extra guidance is needed to get the two of them out of a pickle.


Kipi is the best friend that everyone should have.



The Nyonyos

Bobo & Kipi's adventures are often aggravated by the antics of the harebrained Nyonyos.


Gronyo and Tinyo are two gruff warthogs who think of themselves as being tough and smart, but really are a couple of simple-minded softies.


Gronyo is de"nitely the Alpha male of the two, while Tinyo is a bit of a sycophantic sidekick.



Despite her uncanny resemblance to a cricket Lokole is in fact an expert player of the drum. Her drumming is so expressive that she doesn’t bother to speak, letting her drums do the talking!


Lokole usually pops up with a drum solo to wake up Zété – thus announcing the beginning of story time...