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  • Genre: Reality/General Entertainment
  • Length: 13x30

Haim Goldenberg is an international mentalist and live entertainer who dazzles audiences worldwide. GoldMind, his first-ever TV series, is a treasure trove of mind-bending and heart-felt experiences. Each fast-paced episode features a series of extraordinary stunts, each more unbelievable and inspiring than the last. Themes include fears and phobias, dreams, relationships, memory, intuition, ego, and more!


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  • Festival
  • Location
  • Award
  • 2009 Gemini Awards
  • Canada
  • Best Direction in a Reality Program or Series (Nominated)
  • 2009 Gemini Awards
  • Canad
  • Best Reality Program or Series (Nominated)


Haim Goldenberg has traveled the world, captivating audiences with a combination of charm, wit and incredible talent. The star of the critically acclaimed television series "GoldMind", Haim took his first foray into the world of mentalism at the age of six after seeing a performance by Uri Geller, a famous Israeli mentalist. It took two years of daily ritual mind exercises and control, but he eventually mastered his first feat of bending spoons.


Haim has driven blindfolded in heavy traffic through Toronto and Tel Aviv. He has done "trans-Atlantic" mind readings. He even helped the Toronto Maple Leafs win a hockey game! And in a particularly terrifying performance at a children's hospital, he stopped his pulse in front of stunned doctors.


Haim Goldenberg is considered by his peers to be one of the brightest new minds in mentalism. He has consistently said in interviews that he differentiates himself from other mentalists by aiming to instill hope in his audience and inspire them via his live appearances and his television series. Haim makes you believe in the power of the mind.


High profile clients that have been dazzled by Haim Goldenberg's incredible live show include Coca Cola, McDonalds, Metro Grocers and the Toronto Raptors.