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  • Genre: LIfestyle
  • Length: Season 1: 26x30, Season 2: 26x30, Season 3: 26x30

And then there were three…DGIII. Exciting new “designer guys” Anwar, Allen, and Matthew invite the viewer into the fabulous world of interior design on this entertaining and innovative new spin on the television series Designer Guys.


The new Designer Guys are one of Canada’s hottest design teams. With backgrounds in fields as varied as architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture, they have quickly risen to prominence in the always competitive world of design. Anwar, Matt, and Allen are principals of Toronto-based design firm Precipice Studios Inc. who are responsible for award winning Liberty Market Building, Lobby Restaurant, Banzai Sushi, and Salon Jie.


“Anwar Mukhayesh, Matt Davis and Allen Chan came into my life nine months ago and, quite literally, changed the way I live.”
- National Post


“The new amigos—Allen Chan, Anwar Mukhayesh and Matt Davis—are more than mere “decorators.” Armed with engineering and architecture degrees from Columbia, Western and the University of Toronto, these three thirtysomethings are the design world’s real McCoy.”
- Globe and Mail


“Best of all, these three are talented and tenacious, infusing each episode with their professional experience and worldly wisdom. Get ready to fall in love!”
- Homefront Magazine


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  • Festival
  • Location
  • Award
  • 2008 CFTPA Indie Award
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Best Lifestyle or Reality Programme or Series
  • 2007 Yorkton Film Festival
  • Yorkton, SK Canada
  • Nominated

ANWAR (Host)

Anwar was raised in Toronto, Canada. He is a principal designer and founding partner in the design firm Precipice Studios and has traveled the world extensively. Educated at the University of Western Ontario with a degree in mechanical engineering design, Anwar calls upon his technical training & style to contribute to one of Toronto’s hottest up & coming design firms.


Passionate in entertaining and food, Anwar, along with Precipice, designed the funky and popular student hangout sPaHa modern bistro at the University of Toronto in 1999, which he also owns. sPaHa was also featured in Wallpaper magazine in October 2000 as the Toronto feature, as well as Precipice being picked in the 2001 Wallpaper Design Directory as “young design talents just waiting for that dream commission!”  Growing up in the family business, Anwar also owns and operates Kensington Kitchen, a Mediterranean Annex landmark which his parents opened in 1981. Anwar’s eclectic sense of design, studies in engineering, and love of people & culture all contribute to his passion for design.



Matt was educated at University of Toronto's prestigious school of architecture and landscape architecture. This is where he met his future associate, Allen Chan. While at U of T, Matt attended a 4th year study abroad in Barcelona, Spain with a focus on historic Andalusian and modern Spanish architecture, and in Paris, France, where he studied periods ranging from French Gothic to Modern International styles.


Matt is one of the principal partners and designers in the firm Precipice Studios, with partners Anwar Mukhayesh and Allen Chan. His main focus is on emerging technologies, and their impact on design. Matt has been a studio professor at the University of Toronto, and lived in Costa Rica building schools for developing communities.



Allen is from Toronto and graduated from University of Toronto's School of architecture with a degree in landscape architecture, where he is currently a professor. He then went on to study at Columbia University in New York, where he attained his Masters of Architecture degree with Honours. As a founding partner with interests in new materials, fabrication techniques, and issues related to production, Allen's focus at Precipice Studios is on the merger of technology, art, design, and culture.


He is currently the Creative Director of new media and digital art for Toronto's Pixel Gallery. While in New York, Allen worked with K+D Lab, Hanrahan Meyers Architects and Leslie Gill Architects.