WestWind Pictures is an independent television production company with offices in Toronto and Boston. The company is currently involved in scripted series, lifestyle programming, documentary films and children's media. Our diverse product line reflects a commitment to produce imaginative, entertaining, and insightful programming.

Toronto Office

  • 155 Liberty Street
  • Toronto, ON, M6K 3G3
  • Phone: 416.516.4414
  • Fax: 416.538.0026

Boston Office

  • 173 Davis Avenue Suite #3
  • Brookline MA, USA 02445
  • Phone: 617.981.1937

Script Submission

WestWind does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you are interested in submitting your work, please respect the following policy:

- Send in a one-page synopsis of the story first to submissions@westwindpictures.com. Only selected synopses will be invited to submit a complete screenplay. Unsolicited manuscripts will be destroyed unread.

- If you are invited to submit your manuscript, you will be sent a standard release form to accompany it. Screenplays without a release will not be considered.

- Screenplays will not be returned.

- We expect screenplays to be assessed within a three month timeframe. An email will be sent to applicants whose scripts are not under consideration. Feedback will not be supplied.

- Follow standard screenwriting formatting. Electronic scripts should be in PDF only.

- All scripts must have a correctly formatted title page.

- Scripts should be paginated and fall within the normal industry length.

- Provide your contact information (or agent if applicable) on the title page of the script. Please supply a phone number, address and a mandatory email address.

- WestWind is an earth-friendly company. If you elect to send in a hard copy script, the only suitable binding is the brass brad #5 (1 1/4″ two-prong fastener).