Little Mosque on the Prairie

The American Format of Little Mosque is in currently in development with Wayfarer Studios in Los Angeles.

Little Mosque is the hit comedy that takes an affectionate, warts-and-all look at a small Muslim community trying to fit into rural Canada. Amaar Rashid is a young lawyer who turned his back on his career to reinvent himself as an Imam in a small town. But nothing could prepare him for his new position at Mercy Mosque. For starters, how come no one mentioned that his mosque is in an Anglican Church? The mosque in Mercy is the epicenter of a group of colorful characters. There is the Hamoudi clan, whose father Yasir is a contractor who sees nothing wrong with mixing his worship with a little business. His wife Sarah converted to Islam when she married, but doesn’t take the religion too seriously. Their lovely daughter Rayyan is a devout yet progressive Muslim who thinks the town’s new Imam is a sight for sore eyes…in more ways than one. Other characters include Baber Siddiqui, the resident conservative zealot who sees plenty wrong with Western values and almost everything else, except when it comes to his teenage daughter Layla. Fatima Dinssa, a Nigerian immigrant, holds court over the town café that welcomes Muslims and Christians alike.

But the Muslim community has more than internal squabbles to deal with. There’s the local right wing radio shock jock, Fred Tupper, who doesn’t trust the growing foreign population in his hometown. The Mayor who’ll do whatever will give her more votes. Luckily, Amaar and the Muslims have a friend in Reverend Magee, who gave their congregation a space in his church for (mostly) noble reasons. Later, when the new Reverend Thorne takes over the church, the Muslims quickly learn how good they had it. Ultimately, in the world of Mercy, peace always triumphs over hate, enemies can become friends, and friends can sometimes become something much, much more. Modern life in Mercy is surprising indeed…and surprisingly funny.

Episodes: Season 1: 8x30, Season 2: 20x30, Season 3: 20x30, Season 4: 18x30, Season 5: 14x30, Season 6: 11x30

half-hour comedy series

91 x 30

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